In order to help you keep an eye on your cat’s treatment, we ask you fill in the spreadsheet you can download by clicking in the button below.

The spreadsheet explains the protocol for the basic tests that we recommend. This spreadsheet will guide you in what minimum studies must be done with each control, and how often. Perform ultrasound control week 0, week 4 and week 12 with a report without exceptions. Your veterinarian can contact us if they have questions via email to garantia@phoenixforcats.com

The information required in the spreadsheet is necessary in order to provide the warranty for your treatment.

Keep in mind that each case is unique and may require more or different control studies to be able to access the guarantee, depending on its results, clinical information from your veterinarian and progress.

If we don’t have this information from the start of the treatment, we will choose not to provide it.

We ask your veterinarian to watch Dr. Maure webinars on YouTube about Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

What dooes the warranty cover?

– If the treatment duration needs to be extended, because the result of some test is not what we or your veterinarian has expected, we provide the treatment for the extended period free of charge, whether it is injections or tablets.

– If your cat relapses we also cover the cost of the treatment whether it is with GS or other antiviral drug in case of resistance. It is not the most common case, but we want you to know that you’re covered if it happens. You’ll only have to pay for monthly tests, and shipment of the product.

What are the requirements to get the warranty?

– A licensed veterinarian of your choosing must follow the protocols provided by Phoenix For Cats available on this LINK 

– The test protocol (spreadsheet) with the information about your cat has to be completed from the start of the treatment, and kept up to date. You also have to send us the test results via email. This helps us avoid administering the wrong dosage, and stay alert so that if there is an odd test value, we can speak to your veterinarian and take action if needed.

– We also need you to send pictures of the results of antiviral tests whether they are positive or negative. *It is mandatory to have the results of the fiv/vilef serology and the vilef pcr before day 84 and with studies certifying it *

–  Pre-existing diseases are not a reason to deny coverage but it may be a decisive piece of information to talk about with your veterinarian and our team.

– The treatment has to be 100% provided by us and purchase directly from us.

Phoenix For Cats reserves the right to deny or cut the warranty for any reason. 

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