He is Romeo, our beloved #FIPwarrior who came to us when he was 8 months and weighed 1.5kg. and is now our tiny beautiful titan. Romeo had abdominal effusions and was suspected to suffer from neurological FIP. The treatment started with a 12mg./kg.
dosage which stayed the same during the whole treatment.

His recovery was extremely fast and didn’t cease to surprise us. In very little time, he regained his strength, playful attitude and weight, and his fur got shinier and thicker. But above all, he became strong, healthier, and a little bit naughty with his feline brothers .

You can see his recovery day by day in the highlighted Instagram stories of @lostuligatitos because his Karen kept a record of everything.

Romeo has already finished both his treatment and the 84-days observation, and he was officially discharged almost a year ago. He had finished his treatment with a 0.7 a/g ratio and weighed 3kg! This is one of those cases in which information and a guardian who is willing to do everything for her son made it possible to change an extreme case: a cat that had euthanasia as the only option is now fully recovered, happily living with his family.

His case went viral on social media and was also the anchor for many other kitties who now knew, thanks to him, that they had a chance to live.

Thanks, Romeo and Juli. Thank you for getting involved in the fight and never letting go of the paws of so many other cats.

✅ Informing, raising awareness, and letting the information flow horizontally, so that it belongs to all of us and not only to a few, is what is making it possible today for more veterinary doctor to be constantly informed, for more kitties to be alive, and for prices of the treatment to be more affordable. Let’s work for life and never against it.

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