Today we’re going to tell you about one of those cases that both surprises and makes us very emotional.

Rita came into her guardian’s life looking like a “quiet” cat. Her story began a month before Rocío Saieg @elgato.fenix met her in her veterinary office on July 14th. She came to the appointment holding her guardian’s hand, with a lack of appetite and overall decay, after several wrong diagnoses and treatments that failed. During the appointment she presented an apparent difficulty to walk and one of her eyes had uveitis. She had already gone through treatment for mycoplasma. FIV/Felv and toxoplasmosis were ruled out, coming to the conclusion that it could be the so-feared FIP. Her guardian and her vet acted fast without losing any time on July 16th, when Rita had no bladder or bowel control and had to wear diapers. And so Rita could start her treatment.

After 3 days, there was an apparent improvement of her eye and after 8 days, Rita started taking her first steps again! Although she still fell down, she used all her willpower to walk again. After 15 days, Rita got her injections while she was fed delicious treats as a distraction.

After little time, Rita was back at her mischievous activities: playing with her sister and destroying flowerpots. She went from “crawling to jumping over a meter high,” said her guardian. She started stealing things such as sponges and combs, and destroying some plants. We cannot determine whether if these are side effects .

✅ She finished her treatment on October 9th, fully recovered. She also went through her 84 days of observation. Today she is officially discharged and in perfect health. The “quiet” kitty is now long gone and she became a “cute lunatic.” Rita’s journey was possible thanks to her guardian’s unconditional dedication (@anidebenedetti on Instagram) who spent long sleepless nights, never letting Rita out of her sight, and keeping her clean when she had no sphincter control. This was also possible thanks to her cat sister Eva, who greeted Rita with all her affection when she returned from her blood test; and thanks to her veterinary doctor, Rocío, whose vocation, commitment, professionalism and love were always there for Rita and her guardian during the whole treatment.

Thanks to our multi-species family for letting us be a part of this fight!


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